Original Hee Haw Honeys reunite in Sun City

By Deeanna Wilkerson for BlufftonToday.com . . .

Sun City’s Magnolia Hall stage will be transformed into the famous fictional Kornfield Kounty for a show that will have the audience laughing and singing along all night

Three original members of the long-running country-western television program “Hee Haw” are putting on their plaid dresses and heading to Sun City for the Hee Haw Honey Reunion for shows at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Tickets are $28 and available for purchase at www.SunCityHiltonHead.org and at lifestyle services using the online ticketing kiosks.

Misty Rowe, LuLu Roman, and Victoria Hallman will take their audience on a hilarious musical romp to the past with comedy sketches and other memorable numbers from the hit show that spanned 25 years.

“This is a unique show that is sure to resonate with Sun City residents who remember watching Hee Haw years ago,” said director of lifestyle services Jackie Merritt. “We’re so excited to bring this act to Sun City.”

The reunion tour was the brainchild of Rowe, who went on to have a successful career as a singer, comedian, and actress long after her days as a Hee Haw Honey were over. Among her accomplishments are playing Marilyn Monroe in “Goodbye, Norma Jean,” Maid Marion in Mel Brooks’ series “When Things Were Rotten,” and Wendy the carhop on “Happy Days.” She also spent several years playing Louise in the stage production of “Always, Patsy Cline.”

However, her time with “Hee Haw” always held a special place in her heart, and she found audiences across the U.S. felt the same. There was a certain innocence to the show and her character that she believes attracted viewers to tune in every week.

“It was a real family-oriented. It was charming, sweet and funny and absurd, and it had great musicians,” Rowe said of the show. After reviving “Hee Haw” skits during a one-woman show in New York City in 2013, Rowe was inspired to contact her fellow Honeys and create the reunion show.

“This is a true variety show. We show photos and video and do comedy skits,” Rowe said of the Hee Haw Honey Reunion.

There will be plenty of references to the classic “Hee Haw” show people remember and love, complete with the costumes designed by original show costume designer Faye Sloan and musical numbers from the All-Jug Band. “We are all so tied together with this music, which has not lost its charm,” Rowe said.

But the show is more than a walk down memory lane. It will also feature the individual talents of the women on stage. Roman, a member of the Country Gospel Musical Hall of Fame, and Hallman, a former Buckaroo in the Buck Owens Band, will provide a taste of their musical talents. All three women were recipients of TV Land’s Entertainer Award.

Other acts include performances by vocalist Sara Hamilton, fiddle player Amberly Rosen and dancing by Michael McConnell. It all comes together to create a show unlike any other.

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